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Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

Whilst I was somewhat entertained by Divergent (reviewed here), this book was steadily heading for 2 stars. Although world-building in this series' first instalment lacked a serious understanding of humanity and of the depth of individual character and behaviour, it had somehow been nice to read before going to bed. So what went wrong in Insurgent, you might ask. Why was I, unlike roughly 210,000 people -- c. 95% -- (on Goodreads) not giving this 3 or higher?1


Because the first 75% of this work was downright boring! It was as if Veronica Roth expected us to not have read Divergent to the extent that we get to read about Dauntless training over and over again, like we did in the first book of the series. Also, even if you had not remembered a single thing from Divergent, this book would still have been tedious.


Free Four

By Jupiter, nothing happens. I read it, but cannot recall that much. Like walking through a fog-covered forest with Roth was saying things to me, that I registered like whispering. The odd thing was that I did not even want to bother paying attention, rereading paragraphs, thinking "Never mind, I'll catch up later."


I will not describe again what I find is missing from Roth's world-building, you can read my review of Divergent. I gave it an extra half-star because, it somehow managed to pull me in at the very end. That was the only time, the one time I felt even remotely interested in reading the third book.


Roth, however, seems to be milking it for what it's worth. Good for her. She has published Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story which is set between Divergent and Insurgent, and only costs $0.99 for Kindle. She is also publishing four short-stories that are set before Divergent and will be published in 2013 and 2014. And of course, Allegiant, the third instalment in the series, will be published on 22 October 2013. Before then you can read The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant which is meant to be read between books two and three.2


I might decide to round of the trilogy, but only if the first film (March 2014) will rekindle my interest.



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1 Source: Goodreads rating details, accessed 7 October 2013. Only 2% gave it a 2-star rating (c. 5250), 0% gave it 1-star (c. 1100) out of c. 222,500 ratings in total.


2 For a complete overview of the entire series, see Veronica Roth's website or the series overview on Goodreads.

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