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The Fairies - Charles Perrault Review Series #5

The Tales Of Mother Goose - Charles Perrault, D.J. Munro, Gustave Doré, Charles Welsh

Welcome to the fifth part of the Charles Perrault Review Series.

An eight-part serialised set of reviews of the famous fairy tales by the seventeenth-century French author.


Each week I will upload a review of one of his tales. For an overall introduction, read the first review.



V. The Fairies

A Fairy decides to do a social-experiment testing the kindness of strangers by taking as her focus group young, unmarried girls. The younger sister, gorgeous and kind, walks by this Fairy, who has assumed the guise of a poor woman. Being courteous and all, the first sister, on her daily 2 mile walk to the well, gives the lady a drink. In return, every time she speaks she spits out jewels, gems, diamonds and pearls.


One day an old woman came and begged for a drink

The mean, nasty, ugly stepsister (or elder sister, in other editions) wants to vomit riches too. But having never done a selfless deed in her life, she is nasty to the good woman and instead she was nasty to the Fairy, who was now dressed as a Princess, to see how far her rudeness extended. In return for her unkindness, she shall henceforth spit up snakes and toads.


In walks Prince Charming, who is so taken by the good girl's beauty that he stops to talk to her. She replying with diamonds, pearls, etc. captures the Prince's heart and they marry. Who is he to refuse such a lucrative wife? The mean sister makes herself so unwanted that even her mother turns her out and we are told that:


'The miserable girl, having gone about in vain trying to find someone who would take her in, crept away into the corner of a wood, and there died.'



Charles Perrault Review Series



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First published: 1697
Original title: ?
Author: Charles Perrault
Edition: Online at Classics Illustrated
Pages: N/A
Read: 17 - 30 May 2013
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