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The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman

Earlier this year, 2013, I was not so keen on Neil Gaiman. I had always heard great things about him. However, the first book I read this year was my first ever Gaiman, Neverwhere, which had come as a bit of a let-down to me (read my review). But, determined not to give up on the author I had heard so many great things about, the author whose works have been made into films like Stardust (2007) and Coraline (2009, I tried again. And I must say, I am so glad I give Gaiman another chance to win me over.


The Ocean and the End of the Lane is something I could definitely imagine being adapted onto the big screen. In my head, it would be a Burtonesque rendition of the Studio Ghibli style which is found in Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し, 2001). Can you picture it? Good, because this story has such a dark side to it. Something I picture Tim Burton getting excited about. Moreover, it has this otherworldly, ghostly side, which I adored in Spirited Away. So, without further ado:


The Ocean at the End of the Lane


Dear Mr Burton,
I hope you will stumble across this request someday and take my tiny suggestion into consideration. Or perhaps the universe will send my positive thoughts your way. Either way, please hear me out. Host a dinner party and invite over Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Sit them down and tell them about this new exciting book and your future blockbuster: The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Then reveal the mystery guest: Neil Gaiman. They'll do the voices, he'll write the script. You get the picture. It would make me, and I believe others -- including the many fans of the three aforementioned authors and actors -- incredibly happy.
Yours sincerely,
An admirer of your work.


That should do it. I hope.


I will not ruin your sense of awe by explaining what this book is about. You'll be able to find a short description by yourself. That is truly all you need. Or dive into it without reading a description or reviews, like the true adventurous soul we both know you are. I did. And it was a delight.


If I have not persuaded you by now, it was not meant to be. But hopefully, in a few years, you will remember reading this tiny review by an insignificant Goodreads Booklikes user when you're on your way to the cinema to watch Tim Burton's latest film.


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