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Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent  - Veronica Roth

Can't get enough of YA dystopian fiction? Crazy for The Hunger Games? Lusting after Peeniss?1 This might be something for you then. I am perhaps a little late to the Divergent party, but I have yet to find decent young adult dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction. Some say it's better than THG, others disagree with a passion. At least it does not have a love triangle...


Like all other works of the genre, society has been streamlined in the future at the expense of personal identity and free will. In Chicago, Illinois, this means you take a test that determines your character and thus the most suitable faction. Each has their role in society.


Exclusive: take the test to see what faction you would be in!


  1. You have a seat on the bus/train/underground. An old lady walks in. Do you offer her your seat? Yes? You are Abnegation. Here is your welcome package: shapeless clothes. Also, you'll eat bland food for the rest of your life and you may never look at your reflection in the mirror, in windows, in water. God you're vain! No? You like personal identity? Speaking to others as equals? Smiling? Continue to question 2.

  2. Do you wonder how things work and how things are made? Yes? You are Erudite. Here are your spectacles and the library is at the end of the street on your left. No? You like interacting with people on a social level? Please, continue to question 3.

  3. How's your moral compass? Do you strive to never lie? Congrats, you're in Candour! Go forth and multiply speak the truth. Look around you; the people here will be your only friends. Others don't enjoy being told those jeans do make them look fat. Also, we offer weakly first aid classes. Attend these for you will be punched in the face frequently. No? You'd rather lie than hurt their feelings? Continue to question 4.

  4. Do you like problem-solving, mediating, maintaining the peace? Then, welcome to Amity. You now need to forever weigh your options, always act for the common good. No? You find it difficult to make choices that are bad for you personally? Or go against your sense of morality? Continue to the final question.

  5. Are you an adrenaline junky? Do you enjoy fist-fights, jumping of moving trains and throwing knives? Yes? You're Dauntless (and an idiot). They do, however, seem to be the only faction that has some fun. No? Oops! You broke the simulation!


You have made it this far, but aren't Dauntless? You care about others (and yourself), have a general interest in the world and don't care for war? You are Divergent! Now, run for your life!


Still of Shailene Woodley in Divergent

Still of Shailene Woodley in Divergent ©2013 - Summit Entertainment

Although the world building is sloppy and the exploration of human behaviour and psychology is unrealistic, Veronica Roth at least did not feel the need to include the cliché love triangle. Though I question her dystopian Chicago, the characterisation is well-done and it is, refreshingly, more of a character-driven story than an event-driven (as is most YA fiction).



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1 Who came up with that ridiculous portmanteau?

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