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Losing It by Cora Carmack

Losing It  - Cora Carmack

I admit I lost it; I had to read this book. My friend Jasmin had picked it up and insisted that I read it. Though I normally do not read books I haven't heard of without researching them, I decided to give this a chance.


Meet Bliss Edwards, a theatre student in her final year, who, on the brink of graduating, was starting to feel the pressure. That stress every 22 year old has about not having been in a relationship that might result in marriage within a year. Yeah right, but whatever. Somehow, this intelligent, over-analytical girl had some real issues with the fact that she was still a virgin. Time for a one-night-stand, naturally...


She randomly starts talking to an attractive guy in a bar, who was there reading Shakespeare. Sparks, chemistry, fireworks, and a motorcycle lead them back to her flat, but than -- naturally (no sarcasm this time) -- she gets cold feet and ends it. Next morning, on the first day of the new semester, she discovers that the hot, sexy, British Garrick is in fact her new tutor.



What follows is a struggle of emotions, feelings, embarrassing moments, and romantic scenes. Unfortunately, Carmack felt the pressure of adding the vital ingredient of young adult / new adult romantic fiction and added -- yes -- a love triangle.


The book overall is a light, entertaining read with references to Shakespearian tragedies and Jane Austen; the go-to literary masterminds. Nothing new there. One of the final events, when they fall ill, is very long-winded and is designed to cushion the blow of the inevitable conclusion to the story. And in keeping with Shakespearian tradition of romance, it ends in marriage. Oh yes, this 22 year old is getting married to the only man she ever had a relationship with; a relationship that started during a difficult time for her, when she was about to graduate but had no idea what she wants to do. Smart move, Bliss "Over-Analytica" Edwards! Every girls dream!


I'm giving this two stars, simply because the premise of the book (feeling like a 40-year-old virgin at the age of 22) and the ending (marriage) are too cliché. To top this recipe off it is seasoned with a cliché Garrick's British accent, references to the most famous writers of romance in the English language (Shakespeare and Austen), and shallow, 2D characters. It was a nice, mindless read, but giving it a 2.5 would just be too much.



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First published:

2012 (Self-published)

Original title:

Losing It (Losing It, #1)


Cora Carmack


Paperback (Ebury, 2013)




25-27 September 2013


0091953383, 9780091953386



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