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Bossypants by Tina Fey

Bossypants - Tina Fey

This memoir is funny, very funny, I'd say, but sometimes it's too much. As a non-American, I've never watched Saturday Night Live, but I loved 30 Rock, and thankfully a lot was said about both these significant periods in Fey's life. She is one of those power-women, she is intelligent, has a demanding job and home-life. This book, however, isn't as inspiring for (young) women as it could have been. Instead, it is mostly... entertaining.


As a feminist, she has many things to say about the sexism that still goes on in America (which surely goes on in the rest of the world too - if not worse), but she conveys her opinions in a nuanced fashion. She makes it seem as if white bombshells rule the industry, which may or may not be true. All I can say though is that Tina Fey is aptly known for her comical self-assertions about her looks and character. This is at times funny, and sometimes it is just plainly overdone and subsequently annoying and it invoked a "Yes, blah, blah" response out of me. She still is an attractive woman with an average body type who could have had no career at all if she were none of those things.


30 Rock


I would like to end on a good note though. I particularly enjoyed the little anecdotes of the "Teat Nazis" (women who take a Gestapo interrogation approach to breastfeeding-related mother issues). Moreover, I liked the inside perspective she had on Alec Baldwin. I would say this is the most entertaining non-fiction I've come across. Goodreads also suggested I'd read Ellen DeGeneres's Seriously...I'm Kidding(and her other memoirs) and Jane Lynch's Happy Accidents. These women are brilliant on screen and on the telly (in my opinion) and I'm sure their books are as funny as Ms Fey's.

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