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Go Set a Watchman: A Novel - Lee Harper To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Don't Miss Anything: Goodreads & Harper Lee

Hi everyone,

To Kill a Mockingbird PosterAlthough I like the layout of Booklikes, please follow me on Goodreads to make sure you don't miss anything.


Booklikes is where I publish reviews -- it offers so much more --, but when it comes to shelving etc. I prefer Goodreads. If only these two could collaborate...


Also, I just found out that the sequel to Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird is going to be published in July: Go Set a Watchman. Don't know why I only just found out... So, to get in the mood and even more excited than I already am, I looked on Etsy. Might decide to reread this classics (I read it back in July 2010).


What do you think about a sequel? Excited? Curious? Sceptic?

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